We asked the artist Zviane to attend the 5th World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto, Japan to capture the spirit of what goes on at the WPC. Over the course of the week she created over 70 drawings of the things she experienced and developed blisters from drawing so much. We hope you enjoy her collection of scenes from the World Parkinson Congress as much as we have.

Introduction to the world parkinson Congress

Monday: Leadership Forum

the photo story

The smelling story

Tuesday: Buddies meet & greet and a quiet scene

Tuesday: Opening Ceremony

Wednesday: Hot topics & plenary

WEDnesday: Networking Events

Thursday: music & dance for parkinson’s disease

Thursday: movement & MUSIC Night

REnewal room & the soaring with hope for pd display

friday: current status of ips cells and efforts for medical application

ON and Off

The Things not drawn

friday: Closing Ceremony

zviane at work

Zviane is a multidisciplinary artist that mostly draws comic books and graphic novels. She studied classical music and taught piano, was heading towards a music theory teacher career, but then changed for drawing and comics. Since her first book in 2006, she publishes at least one book a year, have won several prizes and is profoundly invested in a self-published magazine project. She also directs and edits short movies, and is very attracted to Asian cinema. In comics, she visited many genres: autobiographical comic, drama story, humoristic soap, essay, science fiction and vulgarization of university science thesis. She’s been invited all around the world for her art (France, Belgium, Italia, Mexico, Japan) and likes to observe and draw what she sees.