Eating Out in Kyoto

I am in Kyoto, Japan with the World Parkinson Congress for it’s 2019 meeting. I have woken up for the third time since being here in Kyoto. It is hard to say how long I have been here as I ether lost or gained a day during the 12 ours I spent in an airplane to get here from LA. I have had two breakfasts, one lunch and two dinners. Breakfast number three will occur after I am done with this post. I can’t explain how the numbers of lunches do not add up. Something about jet-lag maybe. Yesterday’s lunch was at Your Irish Pub in Kyoto. we visited this bit of Ireland on the way home form a tour of the Imperial Palace. Guinness on tap, fish and chips on the menu and English Premier Football league on the widescreen. Check out this burger.

Somewhere above the tomato, cheese and onion is a fried egg. It was awesome, yummy and almost possible to eat. I tried, made a mess and got really full. A long walk home followed by a big nap settled my stomach. That was just the first stop in a great day of eating out in Kyoto. We all took huge naps and woke up at 6:30. Again something about jet lag. We, or at least me, were not really hungry. The clock said it was dinner time so out we went. Our guide lost her way so we began wandering a bit. We found a restaurant called Matsusaka Beef. It liked a good spot to continue our adventure. We took off our shoes and ascended a long flight of stairs to a series of curtained off booths with low tables and even lower seats. The seats were not so low that’s you had to sit cross legged but were very low to our American legs. They were just the right height for our server to sit on her heels as she explained the menu. If you were brave enough you could order any part of a cow that you wanted. There was enough that looked familiar so we ordered short ribs, tenderloin and big shrimp. There was a round grill in the center of the table that the wait staff filled with red hot charcoal. Dinner was very neatly cut slices of beef that we cooked ourselves on the table top grill. It was easily the best beef I have ever eaten. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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